Lindsay Lowe



Lindsay Lowe Eyewear is a new company which was created by Lindsay Lowe.  She wanted to give back to people who have had the same experiences she went through growing up.  She was bullied and persecuted and told that she could never be anything because of her learning disability.  She was with the same students and teachers for years being abused and bullied for her fashion statements, her art, learning disability and also devastatingly depressed wearing wired circle eyewear for her prescription.  Lindsay Lowe took the anger and frustration and built it to a positive four year degree in college graduating as a graphic designer.  When Lindsay Lowe was in the nightlife she also was in the underground art community that reminded her of an Andy Warhol factory.  That is when her career as a fashion trend designer became a reality by working in the New York fashion garment district for two years.  Lindsay Lowe has learned and understood the tools and marketing ability to start a fashion line and also to use sales and computer tools to design and create out of vector images, layout placement and what the fashion world wants.  Lindsay Lowe is also an icon of New York City, fashionista of the New York City night club scene with celebrities and high fashion designers.  Lindsay Lowe also has learned more about DIY fashions by designing for drag queens and photo shoots.  Lindsay Lowe had her own segment on making vintage fashion into high fashion and using vintage store and retail stores to make home decor and fashion accessories on PA Live, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania affiliate station, NBC, CBS and also her segments are on  You can also check out for other TV press and other social media of Lindsay Lowe.  



Lindsay Lowe is a fashion icon of conventions, TV shows, and a fashion trendsetter for New York nightlife.  She has been in the fashion industry for ten years learning and understanding new trends that happen before they pop into the United States.  Lindsay Lowe has traveled across the United States finding out what people want and also what people cannot find in fashion searching for their identities. Lindsay Lowe is a huge fan of cartoons, wacky horror movies, sci-fi, tarot cards, dark arts, also retro pinup and 60’s mod.  Lindsay Lowe has all different types of styles in fashion and in accessories.  Lindsay Lowe get’s stopped on the street anywhere she goes and photographed.  Lindsay Lowe is a huge convention fan of horror conventions and of course Comicon.  Through these conventions Lindsay Lowe has done research and development through seeing people’s fashion through Cosplay costumes to gory special effects makeup.  All of these talents should be put into a fashion statement for the mainstream in Lindsay Lowe’s vision.  Lindsay Lowe has figured out a new way to bring all of these themes into fashion in a new market that has never seen these themes.  A huge market in the fashion industry that is now called a fashion accessory must have is eyewear. 

Eyewear is the hugest market for fashion.  Eyewear is used in everyday wear. Eyewear is very important to make a statement about personality, style and also your fashion preference.  Lindsay Lowe Eyewear is reasonably priced, but gives a high fashion look.  Lindsay Lowe understands because Lindsay Lowe wears prescription frames since she was 12 years old.  Lindsay Lowe Eyewear fits ages 10 years and up.  Lindsay Lowe Eyewear wants to give back to the community by donating frames to schools that parents cannot afford their children’s eyewear.  Also, Lindsay Lowe Eyewear is not just an eyewear company.  It is a company helps people grow and understands themselves through their personal style and also through Lindsay Lowe’s charity of giving back to art, film, the comic book industry and entertainment industry through bringing hope to the new youth of the future of eyewear.

Lindsay Lowe has designed a new form of eyewear fashion that are themed to rock-a-billy, science fiction, cartoons and horror, all in different styles. 

Lindsay Lowe Eyewear frames are the new fashion trend and style of eyewear for men and women using special effects that have never been used on glasses in this style.  The special effects are glow in the dark.  You can charge your glow in the dark glasses by using your smart phone flashlight or wear them in the sunlight.  Then when you go out at night they will be glowing and the frames will start a conversation. 

FDA approved light plastic 1.4 ounces.  Frames are detailed in Lindsay Lowe personal style of her creations of artwork bringing a layout of design to shape the frames into a 3-D effect by popping the images on the frames also giving a measurement system to the frames’ sides so it contours the cheeks on the face and gives more of a beauty of old school Hollywood look.    

Lindsay Lowe brings cartoon couture high fashion style to themes that are not used in the eyewear industry in prescription frames, sunglass frames and clear lenses for people who do not want prescription.  Lindsay Lowe Eyewear has a program on our site that gives an option of making your Lindsay Lowe Eyewear frames into your personal prescription frames by using Lindsay Lowe Eyewear care, you will be fashionably set for your world anywhere you vision with looking fashionable, outgoing and also having your prescription in stylized effect frames of Lindsay Lowe Eyewear.