*COMING FALL 2017* Lindsay Lowe Eyewear was first born in the horror conventions but the one convention that launch Lindsay Lowe Eyewear that started a conversation was a convention call "Chiller Theater."Chiller Theater actually began on WPIX during 1961 (with the montage of clips discussed post 1965) and in 1963 included Zacherley ("The Cool Ghoul") as the on-air host then it became a huge inspiration to the creator ( Kevin ) and now he has created a monster with becoming the biggest horror and retreo convention filled with famous musicans, actors, actress, artists and so much more. Please check out "Chiller Theater's" website for more information

Lindsay Lowe is a huge lover of Chiller Theater and also there inspirtations through all of what Chiller Theaters is made of. Lindsay Lowe wanted to dedicate a fashionable design to the convention that made her a star and birthed her company Lindsay Lowe Eyewear with a glow in the dark inspired by her glow in the dark fright board frames into a dedicated frame with artwork from Ric Frane that has worked as an artist with Chiller convention with there graphics, advetising and marketing. Ric Frane is also a photographer and artist. Here is his website:

The frame is a solid black with a high end shine with bevel up lift print on top of the solid black.

 The art icon on the Left corner of the front frame is "Zacherley" peeking through the clouds and  next to him is his nickname ( THE COOL GHOUL ).

The right side is the creator of "Chiller Theater " is the "Mr. Chiller himself Kevin and he is in the deep clouds with under Kevin Clement is his nick name ( GRAND POOBAH ). The "Chiller Theater" logo is on the front frame below on Kevin's side of the frame.

On both of the front of the arms are the same art icon of ( THE COOL GHOUL ) and ( GRAND POOBAH ) in the clouds  in between the Lindsay Lowe Eyewear glow in the dark fright board Lindsay Lowe logo. at the end of the arm is the "Chiller Theater" Logo creeping on the arm on each front sides of the arms with the "Chiller Theater Logo with the Limited Edition label.

The right inside the arm is the iconic signature of ( GRAND POOBAH ) Kevin Clement the creator and owner if Chiller Theater and the logo of "Chiller Theater 

The left inside of the arm is the iconic Lindsay Lowe Signature of all Lindsay Lowe Eyewear.

 *These cartoon art icons are made by the artist Ric Frane. Lindsay Lowe is Allowed to use these images or art for the Limited Edition Glow in the dark Chiller Theater frames*

 This convention was made from a true fan of horror and scfi his name is "Kevin"


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