*IN STOCK NOW* Lindsay Lowe Signature 3D Yellow Spotted Sunglasses

Lindsay Lowe Eyewear


Product Description

The Lindsay Lowe Signature 3D Yellow Spotted Sunglasses aren’t 3d glasses — they’re glasses made in 3D. Using a unique retro combination of a high contrast pattern coated in a thick crystal clear finish, the frames themselves have depth and light that shifts and moves as you do. Their vintage lines and arms complete the look, rounding out this modern take on retro classics. Inspired by the glory days of high fashion in Hollywood and the unforgettable nights of the club scene, these frames shine in any light.


 Quick Specs

  • Cartoon Yellow with 3D Black Spotted Pattern
  • 3D Crystal Clear Front Frame for added depth
  • Sunglass lenses
  • FDA approved light weight plastic
  • Metal screw hinges on sides
  • Light weight of 1.5 oz
  • Fits all sizes

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